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This section of our activities site  is based on people searching from the UK. It hosts our UK directories and currently does not have have any sales links for those looking to purchase fishing tackle online. If you sell fishing equipment and would like to offer your products on it’s many pages please drop us a line. There is absolutely no charge to you providing you can genuinely offer a service to the people who land on these product pages looking to purchase fishing tackle.

Focus on: Pole Fishing with Shimano

Very popular development in fishing which has revolutionized the way in which the majority of people now fish. First advantage is that your bait is placed exactly in the same location every time which ensures greater accuracy over a standard rod and reel set-up.  Another advantage is the ability to easily judge the depth of water in front of you and this can be accomplished without any loud disturbance of the chosen area which is to be fished. This will to determine which parts of the water area have the most fish. Natural movement can be imparted onto the hook bait simply by  lifting and lowering the float slowly and by a small distance. This natural movement frequently induces a take by a fish.

Poles vary enormously by price and quality from budget poles of less than £100 to top match poles costing £5000. As one once said “you get what you pay for”. Choices are endless – the Shimano Beastmaster pole illustrated is a quality pole at a reasonable price. Try as many poles as possible before you buy so that your final choice is one that you will be comfortable with.