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Markham’s Fishing Tackle, 717 Woodbridge Rd, Ipswich, IP4 4NB
Tel. 01473 727841

Fishing Tackle Shops Isle of Man

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Covering the following areas in Isle of Man: Aldeburgh, Brandon, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Eye, Felixstowe, Halesworth, Harleston, Ipswich, Leiston, Saxmundham, Southwold, Stowmarket, Thetford, Woodbridge

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Isle of Man

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Short Extract

‘Especially the shark. People love them round here.’
The wounded crewman wandered off to find the doctor while the skipper took Peter and James, now reunited with Yvette and Rebecca, into the fishing clubhouse on the waterfront. This was colonial elegance in all its prewar splendour, freshly painted walls covered in fishing trophies, fans slowly revolving from the ceiling and waiters in white coats and gloves serving drinks. It was a complete throwback.
The beer was ice cold as well. Peter was just relishing his when he realised that there was the cast of

Youngsters like nothing better than experimenting with fishing techniques and learning from experience. Reading magazine articles can conjure up dreams of catching a monster; and just occasionally, the dream comes true …
n the 1960s, when boys were still allowed to go off fishing on their own, Greg and Richard were given permission to fish in a beautiful private lake in the grounds of a manor house on the border between Surrey and Sussex in southern England. They had no real idea what fish were in the lake and, at 10 years

‘Then what? You can’t cast a rock back out to sea, can you?’
‘True. Hey, I know.’ Terry started rummaging around in his tackle box. ‘I’ve got a perk in here somewhere. I bought it for that boat trip last month and never used it. There you go.’ He pulled out a long, silver-coloured and vaguely fish-shaped metal tube, with a swivel at one end and a large treble hook at the other. ‘How heavy is it?’ asked Frank. ‘About a pound, I should think.’ ‘Will his rod be able to cast it?
‘Yeah, if we’re careful. And with that shape on the perk, it’ll feel like it’s wri

Full List of areas covered on our Isle of Man Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Andreas, Baldrine, Baldwin, Ballabeg, Ballacannell, Ballacarnane Beg, Balladoole, Ballafesson, Ballagyr, Ballajora, Ballakilpheric, Ballamodha, Ballasalla, Ballaugh, Ballaveare, Ballig, Barregarrow, Braaid, Bradda, Bride, Castletown, Churchtown, Close Clark, Colby, Corrany, Cranstal, Crawyn, Cregneish, Croit e Caley, Cronk-y-Voddy, Crosby, Dalby, Derbyhaven, Dhoon, Dhoor, Dhowin, Douglas, Dreemskerry, Eairy, Foxdale, Garth, Glen Auldyn, Glen Vine, Glenmaye, Glentruan, Grenaby, Hillberry, Injebreck, Jurby East, Jurby West, Kirk Michael, Knockaloe Moar, Knocksharry, Lambfell Moar, Laxey, Lingague, Little London, Maughold, Newtown, Onchan, Orrisdale, Patrick, Peel, Port e Vullen, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Quine’s Hill, Ramsey, Ravensdale, Regaby, Ronague, Sandygate, Sartfield, Shoughlaige-e-Caine, Smeale, St John’s, St Judes, St Mark’s, Strang, Stuggadhoo, Sulby, The Cronk, The Howe, The Lhen, Union Mills