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Antique Fishing Tackle, Delfryn, Silver Lane, Abergavenny, Powys, Crickhowell, NP8 1BJ, Powys
Tel. 01873 811220

Fishing Tackle Shops Midlothian

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Covering the following areas in Midlothian: Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham, Malvern, Pershore, Tenbury Wells, Worcester

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Midlothian

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Short Extract

‘Nah, that’s a doctor job,’ said the skipper. ‘It’s time we went home anyway.’
The skipper opened up the boat’s two powerful diesel engines, leaving the crewmen to deal with the catch. Rope nooses were tied round the tail wrist of all three fish, which were hauled over and tied to the transom in a neat line. As they headed back to the now distant shore, nursing a very welcome cold beer, it was rather poignant to see the once vivid colours on the sailfishes’ dorsal fins gradually fade into dullness.
As they neared land, the crewman hoisted flags up to the m

Andrew shone the torch over the fence and two cows stared back at him, their eyes shining bright in the torch beam. What had happened was that Chris had decided to have a quick nap before taking on the leviathan fish, forgetting that there were cows in the field and that cows are highly inquisitive animals. He had been woken by one of them literally breathing down his neck from above. The scream and moans had been his, while the galloping hooves belonged not so much to Henry’s ghoulish riders as to the startled cow fleeing in terror from the howling human.

So the plot was hatched and Chris agreed to accompany Andrew on the quest. They went down to the lower river in the morning, when the tide was just flooding, and did a thorough recce. There were a number of small sea trout shoals lying against the far bank, some with large fish among them, although not the sort of size they had been told to expect. Then, just as the tide was stirring up the silt, they saw half a dozen fish lying close together in the shade of a line of bushes.
‘Jeeesuus!’ Chris whispered. ‘The smallest one must be 8 pounds!’ ‘What about that

Full List of areas covered on our Midlothian Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Arniston Engine, Auchendinny, Bilston, Bonnyrigg, Borthwick, Carrington, Cousland, Crichton, Dalkeith, Danderhall, Easthouses, Eskbank, Fala, Fala Dam, Ford, Gorebridge, Hillend, Howgate, Lasswade, Leadburn, Loanhead, Mayfield, Middleton, Millerhill, Milton Bridge, Newlandrig, Newtongrange, Nine Mile Burn, North Middleton, Pathhead, Penicuik, Polton, Rosewell, Roslin, Silverburn, Temple, Tynehead