Fishing Tackle Shops in Bradford

Find Fishing Tackle Shops in Bradford

Astcor Fishing Tackle, 18 Heron Grove, Leeds, LS17 8XF
Tel. 07817 111027

Fishing Tackle & Bait, 21-23 Sagar Street, CASTLEFORD, WF10 1AG, West Yorkshire
Tel. 07515 167778

Graham’s Fishing Tackle, 57 Cross Bank Rd, Batley, WF17 8PN
Tel. 01924 442040

Kirkgate Anglers, 95 Kirkgate, Leeds, LS2 7DJ
Tel. 0113 243 4880

The Acklebox – New & Used Fishing Tackle, 71 Cow Lane, Wakefield, WF4 2EX
Tel. 07528 991500

Fishing Tackle Shops Bradford

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Covering the following areas in Bradford: Cockburnspath, Duns, Earlston, Eyemouth, Gordon, Lauder

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Bradford

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You will find short extracts from Amazing Fishing Stories on each of our directory pages. There is a link to buy the book on our book page.

Short Extract

He continued for another two hours, by which time it was getting very cold. He had caught several more pike, one of them close to 15 pounds, but the 20 had eluded him this time. He decided it was best to give in and pack up, so he took down his rods and put the one pike he had killed into a black bin liner for ease of transport back to the car.
He drove home and went straight round to his neighbour’s house with the pike.
‘Oh dear,’ she said, her face twisted in a horrible grimace, ‘it doesn’t look very nice, does it? It looks sort of… mean and nasty.’

Greg nodded again. His hand was shaking and his face grimaced with tension. ‘Now, you reckon?’
Greg leant back and put everything into the strike. The rod bent in a great arc and then line shot off the reel as the fish headed out towards the middle.
‘Ratchet!’ cried Richard.
Greg flipped the brass knob on the side of the reel to engage the ratchet, which made a horrendous rasping, metallic noise as the fish bore away.
‘What do I do now?’ cried Greg.
‘Put your hand underneath the reel to stop it!’

Bad luck with his tackle continued to dog Peter, as the braking system on his supposedly top-grade reel worked only intermittently. Problematic tackle didn’t stop the third day being a huge success, with Peter landing another five steelhead. The drag setting would give way during the fight and then unexpectedly bind again, with the result that several fish were bounced off by the sudden jolt. Such are the perils of fishing hundreds of miles out in the wilderness, with little room in bags for spares or repair kits.

Full List of areas covered on our Bradford Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Allerton, Apperley Bridge, Bankfoot, Bierley, Birkenshaw, Bolton, Bolton Woods, Buttershaw, Clayton, Crossflats, Cullingworth, Denholme, Drighlington, Dudley Hill, East Bierley, East Bowling, Eccleshill, Fagley, Fairweather Green, Five Lane Ends, Frizinghall, Girlington, Gomersal, Great Horton, Greengates, Heaton, Holmewood, Horton Bank Top, Idle, Laisterdyke, Lidget Green, Listerhills, Little Germany, Little Horton, Low Moor, Manningham, Oakenshaw, Odsal, Queensbury, Sandy Lane, Thackley, Thornbury, Thornton, Tong, Tyersal, Undercliffe, West Bowling, Wibsey, Wilsden, Wyke