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Basildon Angling Centre Ltd, 402 Whitmore Way, Basildon, SS14 2HB
Tel. 01268 520144

Fishing Tackle Shops Milton Keynes

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Covering the following areas in Milton Keynes: Bedford, Bletchley, Bow Brickhill, Buckingham, Calverton, Cosgrove, Cranfield, Deanshanger, Hanslope, Lidlington, Marston Moretaine, Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Newton Longville, Olney, Ravenstone, Sherington, Stoke Goldington

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Milton Keynes

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Short Extract

It transpired that the boat had landed an estimated 80-pound tarpon and, while the captain was trying to release it, a 12-foot lemon shark had come from nowhere and slashed it in half. Even though the crew were fighting it off with the boat hooks, the shark seemed determined to grab the rest of the fish, although it finally gave up and swam away, leaving about 40 pounds of front-end tarpon on the boat, jagged teeth marks where the tail end had been ripped away.
Back in Salisbury, Peter presented Colin with a framed collage of six images of the fight and the f

‘Clear as day, Major Jackson. Can I suggest the Munro killer this morning?’
‘I always fish a blue charm! There’s my box; I’ve every size we’ll need, on singles and trebles, so make sure you look after them. Now, where do I start on this pool?’
‘Just follow me, Major Jackson.’
Jackson followed Murdo up the bank. ‘And one more thing. I don’t want any fish with holes in their bodies; it affects the price terribly. So no gaffs: all fish must be carefully netted, do you understand?’
‘Quite understood, Major Jackson,’ said Murdo patiently. He met all kinds

The monstrous beast reached the bank. Robert stared in terrified fascination as the front half appeared to clamber out first. It must be a trick of the light and the mist, but he was sure that’s what was happening. And then the back half did the same and… two red deer stags stood on the bank, shaking the water out of their coats, before trotting off into the wood below the house.
Robert’s heart was pumping at a clinically unhealthy rate and he felt as though his whole body was full of adrenalin. He stood there shaking, up to his chest in water, but before h

Full List of areas covered on our Milton Keynes Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Astwood, Bletchley, Bow Brickhill, Bradwell, Broughton, Calverton, Castlethorpe, Chicheley, Clifton Reynes, Cold Brayfield, Emberton, Fenny Stratford, Filgrave, Gayhurst, Great Linford, Great Woolstone, Hanslope, Hardmead, Haversham, Lathbury, Lavendon, Little Brickhill, Little Linford, Little Woolstone, Long Street, Loughton, Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Village, Moulsoe, New Bradwell, Newport Pagnell, Newton Blossomville, North Crawley, Old Wolverton, Olney, Ravenstone, Shenley Brook End, Shenley Church End, Sherington, Simpson, Stoke Goldington, Stony Stratford, Tyringham, Upper Weald, Walton, Warrington, Wavendon, Weston Underwood, Willen, Wolverton, Woughton on the Green