Fishing Tackle Shops in Stirling

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Rod & Creel Fishing Tackle, 50 North Main Street, Falkirk, FK2 8HL, Stirlingshire
Tel. 01324 570595

W.S Fishing Tackle Outdoor Pursuits, 17a High St, Bonnybridge, FK4 1BX
Tel. 07511 615791

Fishing Tackle Shops Stirling

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Covering the following areas in Stirling: Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham, Malvern, Pershore, Tenbury Wells, Worcester

Fishing Tackle Shops in Stirling

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Short Extract

When the pictures were developed they were classics: Mark with his wild professor’s hair and the goonch all piggy eyed, bizarrely whiskered and menacing. But Mark couldn’t quite fix the man-eater tag to his ugly protagonist. While it would never displace mahseer as the Indian fisheries jewel, he couldn’t help having a sneaking admiration for the misunderstood monster.
An iceberg was responsible for the most famous maritime disaster of all time, but you wouldn’t normally expect one to play a major role in a salmon-fishing trip, ev

Gagan produced a large lump of mutton, which Mark impaled on the hook. They then waited for the fire to do its work, until it was time to kick the remnants into the river, just as had happened yesterday.
‘Be ready to cast out your bait,’ said Gagan, ‘right into the middle of the fish. One of them will most definitely take the sheep meat.’
In went the charred timber and what was left of the sheep, the pungent smell of burnt mutton pervading the air. Mark waited, poised for the action to start.
Nothing happened! The wood floated away on the current and th

The first thing George noticed was that Peter’s local forecast had turned out to be accurate: the wind had, indeed, swung from a cold easterly into the warmer south. Even so, the surrounding hills funnel the wind down the Delphi and swirl it round Finlough, making boat handling and casting very difficult in stormy weather. Peter was a past master at holding the boat’s drift, but George’s first cast was intercepted by a sudden cross-wind and collapsed in a spaghetti heap a few yards in front of him. He muttered under his breath a heartfelt what the hell are we do


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Aberfoyle, Achmore, Anie, Ardchullarie More, Ardchyle, Ardeonaig, Ardveich, Argaty, Arngibbon, Arngomery, Arnprior, Ashfield, Auchessan, Auchlyne, Auchraw, Auchreoch, Auchtertyre, Auchtoo, Balafark, Balfron, Balfron Station, Balhaldie, Balleich, Ballimore, Balmaha, Balquhidder, Bannockburn, Baptiston, Benmore, Blair Drummond, Blairhoyle, Blairhullichan, Blairlogie, Blairquhosh, Blairuskinmore, Blanefield, Bochastle, Boquhan, Boreland, Bovain, Braeleny, Braeval, Bridge of Allan, Brig o’Turk, Buchanan Castle, Buchlyvie, Burn of Cambus, Callander, Cambusbarron, Cambuskenneth, Carbeth, Cashel, Cauldhame, Causewayhead, Clifton, Cloichran, Cnoc nan Sltheag, Cobleland, Coilantogle, Comer, Cononish, Cowie, Craighat, Craignavie, Craigruie, Craigton, Crianlarich, Dalmary, Dalveich, Deanston, Derry, Doune, Drummond, Drumvaich, Drymen, Duchray, Dumgoyne, Dunblane, Duncraggan, Duncroist, Dykehead, Easter Borland, Easter Buckieburn, Easter Dullater, Easter Poldar, Edinample, Edinchip, Edra, Fallin, Finlarig, Fintry, Frenich, Garden, Gargunnock, Gartachoil, Gartincaper, Gartmore, Gartness, Glasahoile, Glassingall, Glenbeich, Glengyle, Gonachan, Immeroin, Inverardoch Mains, Inverardran, Inverherive, Inverlochlarig, Inversnaid Hotel, Invertrossachs, Keir, Kenknock, Killearn, Killin, Kilmahog, Kinbuck, Kingshouse, Kinlochard, Kinnell, Kipp, Kippen, Kippenross Ho, Laggan, Leckie, Ledard, Ledcharrie, Lendrick, Lochearnhead, Malling, Mid Lix, Milarrochy, Milton, Monachylemore, Muirmill, Murlaganmore, North Third, Nyadd, Ochtertyre, Pisgah, Plean, Port of Menteith, Rowardennan Lodge, Rowchoish, Runacraig, Ruskie, St Ninians, Stirling, Stockbridge, Strathblane, Strathyre, Stronachlachar, Strone, Stronvar, Suie Lodge Hotel, Sunnylaw, Tamavoid, Thornhill, Tullich, Tyndrum, Wrightpark