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Thatcham Angling Centre, 156 Sagecroft Rd, Thatcham, RG18 3BQ
Tel. 01635 871450

Fishing Tackle Shops Berkshire

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Covering the following areas in Berkshire: Arborfield Cross, Ascot, Bracknell, Bradfield, Burghfield Common, Crowthorne, Great Shefford, Hermitage, Hungerford, Inkpen, Kintbury, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, Mortimer, Newbury, Reading, Sandhurst, Shurlock Row, Silchester, Staines, Thatcham, Twyford, Wargrave, Windsor, Winkfield Row, Wokingham, Woodley, Woolhampton, Wraysbury

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Berkshire

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You will find short extracts from Amazing Fishing Stories on each of our directory pages. There is a link to buy the book on our book page.

Short Extract

‘Bugger!’ he shouted. ‘That was a bloody good fish.’
No reaction from the figure whatsoever. No movement, no bad luck response, or what fly were you using? It just stood there and David began to feel seriously unnerved. If he stayed on the river, would the poacher, determined to catch some fish for himself, come over and attack him? David was a visitor to the region, after all, and some of the locals
probably considered that the water was morally theirs after dark, no matter who reckoned they owned the fishing rights.
‘Well, it’s getting late, so I thin

‘Be ready to cast out your bait,’ said Gagan, ‘right into the middle of the fish. One of them will most definitely take the sheep meat.’
In went the charred timber and what was left of the sheep, the pungent smell of burnt mutton pervading the air. Mark waited, poised for the action to start.
Nothing happened! The wood floated away on the current and the rest of the debris sank out of sight, but not a single fish showed on the surface. Gagan stared into the water. He was speechless and was muttering something under his breath. It seemed to Mark as though h

‘Great size for smoking,’ he said. ‘You’re allowed to kill two today.
You want this one to take home?’
‘Er, yes, I’d better… in case I don’t catch another.’
‘Oh, there’s plenty more where that came from, ma’am!’
And more fish did come, interspersed with enjoying a stunning ringside seat as first a pod of killer whales came through the bay feeding
onthesalmon,andthenahumpbacksurfaced100yardsawayandrolled around on the top, waving its great pectoral flippers like a clapping seal before swimming lazily away, no doubt in search of a shoal of herring

Full List of areas covered on our Berkshire Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Aldermaston, Aldermaston Wharf, Aldworth, Arborfield, Arborfield Cross, Arborfield Garrison, Ascot, Ashampstead, Aston, Avington, Bagnor, Barkham, Basildon, Beech Hill, Beedon, Beenham, Binfield, Bisham, Bockhampton, Boxford, Bradfield, Bray, Bray Wick, Brightwalton, Brimpton, Bucklebury, Burchett’s Green, Burghfield, Burghfield Common, Burghfield Hill, Burleigh, Calcot, Catmore, Caversham, Chaddleworth, Chapel Row, Cheapside, Chieveley, Clewer Village, Cockpole Green, Cold Ash, Coln-brook, Combe, Compton, Cookham, Cookham Dean, Cookham Rise, Cranbourne, Crazies Hill, Crookham, Crowthorne, Curridge, Datchet, Donnington, Downend, East Garston, East Ilsley, East Shefford, Eastbury, Easthampstead, Eastheath, Eddington, Emmer Green, Enborne, Englefield, Eton, Eton Wick, Farley Hill, Farnborough, Fawley, Fifield, Finchampstead, Frilsham, Furze Platt, Grazeley, Great Shefford, Greenham, Halfway, Hampstead Norris, Hamstead Marshall, Hare Hatch, Hawthorn Hill, Hermitage, Holyport, Horton, Hungerford, Hungerford Newtown, Hurley, Hurley Bottom, Hurst, Hythe End, Inkpen, Kiln Green, Kintbury, Knowl Hill, Lambourn, Lambourn Woodlands, Langley, Leckhampstead, Lilley, Little Hungerford, Littlewick Green, Longlane, Maidenhead, Maiden’s Green, Midgham, Mortimer, Newbury, Newell Green, North Ascot, North Street, Oakley Green, Old Windsor, Padworth, Paley Street, Pangbourne, Peasemore, Pinkneys Green, Popeswood, Poyle, Purley on Thames, Reading, Remenham, Remenham Hill, Ruscombe, Salt Hill, Sandhurst, Shaw, Sheffield Bottom, Shefford Woodlands, Shinfield, Shurlock Row, Sindlesham, Slough, Sonning, South Ascot, South Fawley, Southend, Speen, Spencers Wood, Spital, Stanford Dingley, Stanmore, Stockcross, Stratfield Mortimer, Streatley, Stud Green, Sulham, Sulhamstead, Sunningdale, Sunninghill, Swallowfield, Thatcham, Theale, Three Mile Cross, Tidmarsh, Tilehurst, Touchen-End, Twyford, Ufton Nervet, Upper Basildon, Upper Bucklebury, Upper Green, Upper Lambourn, Upton, Waltham St Lawrence, Warfield, Wargrave, Warren Row, Wash Common, Wasing, Welford, West Ilsley, West Woodhay, Westbrook, Weston, Whistley Green, White Waltham, Whitley, Wick Hill, Wickham, Wickham Heath, Windsor, Winkfield, Winkfield Row, Winnersh, Winterbourne, Wokefield Park, Wokingham, Woodlands Park, Woodley, Woodside, Woolhampton, World’s End, Wraysbury, Yattendon