Fishing Tackle Shops in Cardiff

Find Fishing Tackle Shops in Cardiff

Ewenny Angling Supplies Ltd, 21 Coychurch Rd, Bridgend, CF31 3AP
Tel. 01656 662691

Reel Angling Supplies Limited, 1 Llanover Road, Pontypridd, CF37 4DY, Mid Glamorgan
Tel. 01443 303002

Rhondda Tackle, 191 Trebanog Rd, Porth, CF39 9DU
Tel. 07968 396951

Tony’s Tackle Shop, 14 Castle St, Caerphilly, CF83 1NY
Tel. 029 2088 5409

Fishing Tackle Shops Cardiff

Fishing Tackle Shops: If you have a fishing tackle shop in Cardiff please contact us for your free listing here. If you were searching for a tackle shop in Cardiff or any of the following areas, please let us know who you go to for your tackle. We got hacked and lost all the info so we would be very grateful for your help in recreating it.

Covering the following areas in Cardiff: Abbots Ripton, Arrington, Barkway, Benwick, Bythorn, Cambridge, Castor, Caxton, Chatteris, Chrishall, Comberton, Cottenham, Croxton, Elsworth, Ely, Fowlmere, Gamlingay, Great Gransden, Guyhirn, Histon, Huntingdon, Isleham, Kelshall, Kimbolton, Madingley, Manea, March, Newton, Papworth St Agnes, Parson Drove, Peterborough, Potton, Prickwillow, Pymore, Ramsey, Royston, Sandy, St Ives, St. Neots, Steeple Morden, Stretham, Swavesey, Teversham, Tilbrook, Tydd, West Wratting, Willingham, Winwick, Wisbech, Wisbech St Mary, Wrestlingworth

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Cardiff

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Short Extract

Andrew finally plucked up the courage to go over and take a look at the crime scene. He stood up and shone his torch. No need to keep hidden now; sea trout were the last thing he was worried about. He crept along the bank and the beam of light caught the hunched-up figure of Chris, his back still leaning against a fence post beside the field. Then, oh joy! He moved, his arm coming up to cover his eyes against the glare of the torch.
‘What the hell happened?’ cried Andrew.
Chris’s face was white as a ghost and the expression on his

Added to that, a planeload of anglers can take three hours to clear passport control, so pedantic are the immigration officers, who take an average of at least 10 minutes to process each visitor. Then, before individual groups board the small fleet of ex-army helicopters to ferry them to their respective rivers, everyone’s passports are rechecked by border guards looking like clones from a James Bond movie. The only redeeming feature of Saturday mornings at Murmansk airport is the knowledge of what lies ahead in rivers teeming with salmon.
Steve Edge arrived

‘We’ve covered the whole ruddy fishery, every inch of it. We need fresher air.’
‘You two are too bloody scientific! What you don’t realise is that the salmon haven’t read the same books as you. Come on, let’s get fishing.’ ‘You go on, we’ll watch you.’
Robin sighed. ‘All right, I’ll go and start up at the top. Why don’t you two have another go here? Look, down there for instance, there’s a
likely-looking pot between those two rocks.’
‘What? No one fishes down there. It isn’t even a pool. Anything running the river goes straight through this water and

Full List of areas covered on our Cardiff Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Birchgrove, Caerau, Canton, Cardiff, Creigiau, Ely, Grangetown, Gwaelod-y-garth, Lisvane, Llandaff, Llandaff North, Llanedeyrn, Llanishen, Llanrumney, Pentwyn, Pentyrch, Radyr, Roath, Rumney, St Fagans, St Mellons, Taffs Well, Thornhill, Tongwynlais, Whitchurch