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Shaden Fishing Tackle, 325 Hitchin Rd, Luton, LU2 7SW
Tel. 07508 303739

Fishing Tackle Shops Luton

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Covering the following areas in Luton: Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham, Malvern, Pershore, Tenbury Wells, Worcester

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Luton

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Short Extract

‘Vot? Zere must be, Patrick. Vot has happened to my eels?’
‘I really don’t know, Mister Schmidt. I tell you what, I’ll have a look under the deck boards. There might be something down there.’
A couple of the other ghillies came aboard and helped him, while Herr Schmidt looked on with increased bewilderment as it became obvious that the search would prove fruitless.
‘But vere have my eels gone?’ Herr Schmidt bleated, utterly bereft at this turn of events. His wife didn’t look too impressed either.
Patrick stood up, removed his cap and scratched his he

He used the rope to get back down to the water and watched as the tiger righted itself, hung around for a while and then slipped back into the murky waters of the Zambezi. But by the look on Thomas’s face, catch and release was not a philosophy that came naturally to a Zimbabwean used to catching what he could for his family to eat and stay alive.
Tom went back to camp, where his hopes of a fishing hero’s welcome were quickly dashed. Julie was less than enamoured at having had to pitch camp and cook supper, added to which she was in the tent trying desperatel

They were deep in tundra country. Behind them were shallow, glacial valleys covered with thin brush and willow scrub in their autumnal orange and ochre colours, and on the higher ground was a line of red and brown berry bushes, which in turn gave way to bare grey rock, the lava remains of extinct volcanoes.
It was immediately evident that bears were around, because it was obvious where they had beaten down corridors through the tall reeds that lined the riverbank. Food supplies were therefore stored well away from camp, safely concealed in bear-proof barrels.

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Aley Green, Caddington, Calton, Chalton, Chiltern Green, Cockernhoe, East Hyde, Lawrence End, Leagrave, Lilley, Limbury, London Luton Airport, Lower Sundon, Lower Woodside, Luton, New Mill End, Pepperstock, Peters Green, Ramridge End, Skimpot, Slip End, Stopsley, Streatley, Sundon, Sundon Park, Tea Green, The Hyde, Upper Sundon, Wandon End, Wandon Green, Winch Hill, Woodside