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Anglers Choice Tackle & Guns, 259 Strathmartine Rd, Dundee, DD3 8QQ
Tel. 01382 811211

Fishing Tackle Shops Dundee

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Covering the following areas in Dundee: Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Dundee, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Montrose, Newport-On-Tay, Tayport

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Dundee

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You will find short extracts from Amazing Fishing Stories on each of our directory pages. There is a link to buy the book on our book page.

Short Extract

On one occasion, a poacher named Dave was inadvertently helped by Roy, the proprietor of the Watersmeet Tea Rooms, who, having seen the bailiff lurking about, tipped Dave off. Dave decided to head upstream towards Lower Stag Pool and later returned with a bright silver salmon. As he approached the Tea Rooms, he saw the bailiff and, in a moment of panic, he took the higher path to the right of the property; keen to dispose of any evidence, he lobbed the salmon through the fan light of the outside privy. Unfortunately, Roy happened to be sitting there at the time

Michael finally made the decision to place the boat over the top of the fish and try one last effort to bully it close enough to gaff. This very nearly succeeded on the first two attempts, but Hugh couldn’t quite reach it. On the third attempt, with the rod bent as far as it would go and Michael straining everything to get the fish onto the surface, the Collie Dog finally pulled out and they watched, helpless, as the salmon sunk ever so slowly away into the depths of the pool. The time was 5.45 p.m.
The Collie Dog had one of its trebles straightened and anoth

‘We’ve covered the whole ruddy fishery, every inch of it. We need fresher air.’
‘You two are too bloody scientific! What you don’t realise is that the salmon haven’t read the same books as you. Come on, let’s get fishing.’ ‘You go on, we’ll watch you.’
Robin sighed. ‘All right, I’ll go and start up at the top. Why don’t you two have another go here? Look, down there for instance, there’s a
likely-looking pot between those two rocks.’
‘What? No one fishes down there. It isn’t even a pool. Anything running the river goes straight through this water and

Full List of areas covered on our Dundee Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Affleck , Auchterhouse , Backmuir of Liff , Baldovan , Baldovie, Baldovie , Balgray , Ballumbie , Barns of Claverhouse , Barns of Wedderburn , Benvie, Benvie , Birkhill , Bonnyton , Bridgefoot , Brighty , Broughty Ferry, Broughty Ferry , Bucklerheads , Burnside of Duntrune , Castle Huntly , Claverhouse Industrial Park , Craigton , Denhead, Denhead of Gray , Douglas and Angus, Douglas and Angus , Downfield, Downfield , Dronley , Drumsturdy , Dryburgh Industrial Estate , Dundee, Dundee Technology Park , Dunsinane Industrial Estate , Duntrune , East March , Fowlis , Gagie , Greenburn , Inveraldie , Invergowrie , Kellas , Kingennie , Kingoodie , Kirkton of Auchterhouse , Kirkton of Monikie , Kirkton of Strathmartine , Kirkton of Tealing , Laws , Leoch , Liff , Lochee, Lochee , Longforgan , Lundie , Mains of Ardestie , Monifieth , Monikie , Muirhead , Murroes , Newbigging , Strathmartine , Tealing , Thriepley , Todhills , Wellbank , West Ferry , West Gourdie Industrial Estate , West Pitkerro Industrial Estate