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Astcor Fishing Tackle, 18 Heron Grove, Leeds, LS17 8XF
Tel. 07817 111027

Fishing Tackle Shops Cleveland

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Covering the following areas in Cleveland: Bagillt, Birkenhead, Buckley, Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Flint, Holywell, Mold, Neston, Prenton, Wallasey, Wirral

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Cleveland

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Short Extract

Travelling along the valley was difficult by land, so they used a tiny coracle craft to ferry personnel and tackle from pool to pool. Despite the fast-flowing river, the coracle glided perfectly across the water surface and the ghillies were adept at coaxing it back upstream at the end of the day. It was the ideal river transport, and little time was wasted in travel during the fishing sessions.
Sport wasn’t exactly frantic, although Steve landed a few small Goonch catfish and some other beautifully marked fish. He had several runs from what Seban and Bola as

the river lived up to its reputation, it should be teeming with salmon and sea trout.
He arrived at the river at lunchtime, fully expecting there to be so many anglers that it would be difficult to park the car. The reality was that there was just one other vehicle in the car park; perhaps everyone had caught their allowance of a brace of fish and gone home early. That had certainly happened regularly back in the 1960s and 1970s, so John set up his rod with a certain expectancy and took the steep descent to the river.
It was at Overflow Pool that he met an

The Indian Ocean has long been a big-game fisher’s paradise, one of the great adventures for the global angler. But the world has changed from Kenya’s colonial past and conservation has a stronger pull on the modern angler.
n 1998 Peter Spillett, his partner Yvette and children Rebecca and James, had enjoyed a two-week Kenyan safari and were based near
Malindi on the east African coast for a few days’ relaxation before going home to the UK. He had always been a bit ambivalent about big-game fishing: concern about the destruction of apex predators such as b

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Boosbeck, Boulby, Brotton, Carlin How, Coatham, Dormanstown, Dunsdale, Easington, Eston, Grangetown, Guisborough, Kilton, Kirkleatham, Lazenby, Lingdale, Liverton, Loftus, Marske-by-the-Sea, Moorsholm, New Marske, Newton under Roseberry, Normanby, North Skelton, Pinchinthorpe, Redcar, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Scaling, Skelton, Skelton Green, Skinningrove, South Bank, Stanghow, Upleatham, Wilton