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Friarage Angling Equipment, 39 Northgate, Hartlepool, TS24 0JX
Tel. 01429 273145

Fishing Tackle Shops Hartlepool

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Covering the following areas in Hartlepool: Broadway, Droitwich, Evesham, Malvern, Pershore, Tenbury Wells, Worcester

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Hartlepool

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Short Extract

And so, whether the torch carriers were ancient builders of the stones, pagan Norsemen, druids or early Christian monks, no one can say. But what they will tell you on South Uist is that, as good as the sea trout fishing may be on Bharp as the sun goes down, don’t be stupid enough to be there!
Ghost stories told during daylight may seem trite, but they can take on a much more frightening realism once darkness falls over an ancient wooded riverbank.
he area surrounding Hampshire’s Beaulieu River, on England’s south coast, is steeped

‘Right,’ said Gendall over a beer in the lodge, ‘that’s the introduction bit over. Tomorrow we’ll go after some proper fish, but you’ve got to forget your chalkstream fishing from home; I’ve done that and it’s kid’s stuff compared to this. Here you have to spot your fish and think completely natural. These are truly wild trout and they don’t get to their size by being stupid: they’re far cuter than anything you’ll find back in the UK. So keep low, eyes open and dead accurate casting in the morning, okay?’
Gendall chose a stretch of river relevant to the wind

‘I know how to fish, Murdo. No need to fuss, man.’
Infuriatingly, the major was as good as his word. Murdo hated to admit it, but the bloody man could fish. He cast lightly and waded sensitively, so that he didn’t disturb the fish he covered. Murdo wished every guest he looked after was as knowledgeable about the ways of salmon as this man, even though he had a polluted character to go with it. And it paid off, too. On only his fourth cast, before he had hardly had time to settle into a rhythm, the rod tip dipped and he was into a beautiful silver 6-pound gri

Full List of areas covered on our Hartlepool Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Brierton, Crimdon Park, Dalton Piercy, Elwick, Greatham, Hart, Hartlepool, High Throston, Middleton, Newton Bewley, Seaton Carew, Sheraton