Things to do on Holiday

10 Tips for Staying Active on Holiday

  • Do you like to stay active on holiday?
  • Bored with sitting on the beach all day?
  • More to life than drinking, eating, sunbathing?

For most of us, a holiday is a long awaited chance to escape our cares and responsibilities. Of course, fitness and health goals may also fly out the window during your getaways, but they don’t have to! If you’ve made the resolution to stay healthy and active, we have some useful tips that will help you keep you weight under control and your metabolism going strong!

  1. Go for long walks or hikes
  2. Pick a hotel with a gym
  3. Choose active adventure excursions
  4. Choose a hotel with a pool
  5. Hotel Room HIIT (see below)
  6. Don’t Skip Breakfast
  7. Refrain from binge drinking
  8. Get a higher floor and use the stairs
  9. Do a Beach Workout
  10. DO NOT go all-inclusive

Hotel Room HIIT

This is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. The typical explanation if HITT is interval exercise with sessions of a few minutes of high intensity effort to increase your heart rate to about 80% of your maximum heart rate followed by low intensity stuff.

I am going to tell you the very simplest way of doing this to keep your metabolism revved up, either on holiday, at work or wherever. All it needs is for you to be inventive about finding places where you can do this unobserved, or if you really don’t mind what others think, anywhere will do.

Typically the bathroom is a great place. You don’t need much room. If you can do it every hour or two that’s great otherwise just do it when you can.

Run on the spot, as hard and fast as you can, get your legs up and your arms swinging.

That’s it – simple as it gets. For beginners, a minute works well, for fitter folks, go for two minutes and put everything you have into it.

A tip for those on holiday that want to indulge with food and drink but guilt-trip themselves about it.

Set a rule for yourself that says ‘I will eat/drink what I want and get a few extra minutes in to take off the extra calories‘.