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Cooper’s Tackle, 113 Netherhall Rd, Leicester, LE5 1DR
Tel. 0116 241 2633

Fishing Tackle Shops Leicester

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Covering the following areas in Leicester: Anstey, Bagworth, Coalville, Countesthorpe, Desford, Great Glen, Hinckley, Houghton On The Hill, Ibstock, Leicester, Loughborough, Lutterworth, Market Harborough, Markfield, Melton Mowbray, Mountsorrel, Narborough, Newbold Verdon, Oakham, Seagrave, Thurcaston, Wigston

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Leicester

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Short Extract

‘I have your bait ready for you. Tackle up now and I will be back shortly.’
Mark put up a rod and multiplier reel loaded with 40-pound line. He was nervous, not only because of what Gagan was about to do, but also whether or not they would be caught doing it. It was obvious from the surreptitious way in which Gagan was behaving that this might not be well received by the other villagers if they found out, and the last thing Mark wanted was to upset the locals and risk being run out of the area. All the more so as he hadn’t yet caught a mahseer.
Gagan reapp

he area surrounding Hampshire’s Beaulieu River, on England’s south coast, is steeped in mysterious history. Ancient woodland and human settlements from the earliest of times have left their mark on the landscape, and today the place can still feel uncomfortable, especially along the riverbank at night. Then there are the ruins of Beaulieu Abbey, where visitors to the National Motor Museum sometimes see monks tending the gardens, only to be told by the staff that the last monks left hundreds of years ago. It is the sort of place you expect to see a ghost round ev

‘Might be,’ said one of the crew. ‘Big fish, anyway.’
Peter fought a battle of attrition with the fish for more than half an hour, gaining line painfully slowly against what was, for the most part, a dead weight on the other end. At times it was like playing a log of wood, except that the occasional head shake and short, dogged run proved that he was hooked up to something animate.
The wire trace finally emerged from the water and a long, grey-brown shape slowly materialised from the depths.
‘Shark, shark!’ a crewman shouted at the skipper, and they all

Full List of areas covered on our Leicester Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Anstey, Arnesby, Aylestone, Baggrave Hall, Barkby, Barkby Thorpe, Barsby, Barwell, Beeby, Belgrave, Billesdon, Birstall, Blaby, Black Friars, Botcheston, Braunstone, Broughton Astley, Burton Overy, Bushby, Carlton Curlieu, Cold Newton, Cosby, Cossington, Cottage Lane Industrial Estate, Countesthorpe, Croft, Cropston, Dane Hills, Desford, Earl Shilton, East Goscote, East Norton, Elmesthorpe, Enderby, Evington, Field Head, Fleckney, Foston, Gaddesby, Gaulby, Glen Parva, Glenfield, Goadby, Great Glen, Great Stretton, Groby, Halstead, Hamilton, Highfields, Houghton-on-the-Hill, Humberstone, Huncote, Hungarton, Illston, Illston on the Hill, Ingarsby, Keyham, Keythorpe, Kibworth, Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt, Kings Norton, Kirby Fields, Kirby Muxloe, Kirkby Mallory, Knighton, Launde, Leicester, Leicester Forest East, Little Stretton, Littlethorpe, Loddington, Lowesby, Marefield, Meridian Business Park, Mowmacre Hill, Narborough, Newbold Verdon, Newton Harcourt, Newton Linford, Newtown Linford, Newtown Unthank, Noseley, Oadby, Peatling Magna, Peckleton, Potters Marston, Primethorpe, Queniborough, Ratby, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Rearsby, Rolleston, Rothley, Rowlatts Hill, Saddington, Sapcote, Scraptoft, Shangton, Skeffington, Smeeton Westerby, South Croxton, South Fields, Stapleton, Stoney Stanton, Stoneygate, Stoughton, Sutton in the Elms, Syston, Thorpe Astley, Three Gates, Thrussington, Thurcaston, Thurlaston, Thurmaston, Thurnby, Tilton on the Hill, Tugby, Tur Langton, Wanlip, Whetstone, Willoughby Waterleys, Wistow