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Somers Fishing Tackle, 13-15 Bon Accord Terrace, Aberdeen, AB11 6DP
Tel. 01224 210008

Fishing Tackle Shops Aberdeen

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Covering the following areas in Aberdeen: Shrt

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Aberdeen

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Short Extract

Colin blew out his cheeks. ‘Okay.’
‘Is he tiring, d’you think?’
‘Not as quickly as I am.’
Ever so slowly, Colin managed to regain line and keep it on the spool. The tarpon began to wallow on the surface now rather than jump, its tail thrashing water but not propelling it any more. Colin put more effort into pumping the rod, although whether he was pulling the fish to the boat or the boat to the fish, he wasn’t sure. Whichever, the tarpon finally lay alongside, which enabled Peter and Steve to grapple hold of the fish and haul it onto the flat deck in th

‘Bloody hell, it must go 30 pounds. And look, the hook’s fallen out. That’s lucky.’
Simon slapped him on the shoulder. ‘You don’t know the half of it!’
It transpired that Simon had been hanging onto the bush with one hand while making a desperate netting lunge with the other. The fish had moved its head at the wrong moment and the net had actually knocked the fly out of its jaws, whereupon the treble hook had become caught in the net as the freed fish disappeared from sight. So, for a good half minute, Hughie had been playing the net in Simon’s hands, not

‘What about our Japanese friends, isn’t there one…?’
‘Just stay put. I want this fish, okay?’
That was the cue for the marlin to break through the surface, its long bill pointed skywards as it cut through a trough between the swells and disappeared into the next wall of water before boring away into the depths. The adrenalin was pumping through Mark’s body now, with the exhilaration of seeing the fish so early in the fight. The power surging up the line was unbelievable.
The fight lasted about 80 minutes of searing run

Full List of areas covered on our Aberdeen Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Aberdeen, Altens, Bankhead, Benthoul, Bieldside, Blacktop, Bridge of Don, Bucksburn, Charlestown, Clinterty, Cloverhill, Contlaw, Cove Bay, Craibstone, Craigton, Cults, Danestone, Dyce, Fairley, Hazelhead, Kincorth, Kingsford, Kingswells, Mannofield, Mastrick, Middleton Park, Milltimber, Mundurno, Nigg, North Tarbothill, Northfield, Old Aberdeen, Overton, Peterculter, Ruthrieston, Stoneywood, Torry