Fishing Tackle Shops in Glasgow

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Clyde Fishing Tackle, 54 High St, Carluke, ML8 4AJ
Tel. 07340 628070

Fishing Tackle Shops Glasgow

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Covering the following areas in Glasgow: Alexandria, Arrochar, Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Blantyre, Carmunnock, Chryston, Clydebank, Dumbarton, Eaglesham, East Kilbride, Glasgow, Hawkhead, Helensburgh, Kirkintilloch, Neilston, Paisley

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Glasgow

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Short Extract

‘Absolutely no way! We just don’t go on that island. Look, we might as well call it a day now and get you back to the hotel for dinner. We can have an early start in the morning to make up for it.’
John raised his eyebrows at Veronica. ‘Oh alright, David, if you say so.’ The fishing didn’t look as though it would pick up before dusk anyway, so they weren’t missing much. However, he was fascinated to know more about this obsession David seemed to have with Isle Maree.
Back at the hotel, they sat David down in the Ghillies’ Bar with a glass of beer and were

He was right, and I did. It kept pulling line off the reel even then, until the pressure became too much and everything went slack. I reeled in and was surprised that I still had my tackle intact; except that the hook had pulled out straight. I hadn’t even seen the fish, but I was pretty certain it had been the biggest thing I had ever hooked, either at sea or in fresh water. Even though I hadn’t expected to land it, losing it was gut wrenching.
‘Bad luck,’ said the guide.
I shrugged and forced out a laugh. ‘No problem, I’ll bring the biggame gear next tim

Preparation is all well and good until something happens for which you could not possibly have prepared. And when the person in charge starts to panic, it is time to think on your feet – fast!
ly fishing for bonefish, tarpon and the many other exotic species found in the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean and Indian
Ocean exploded in popularity during the last couple of decades of the twentieth century. Great fun though saltwater fly-fishing is, exponents still occasionally like to take time out and revert to the old methods of bait or surface lure fi

Full List of areas covered on our Glasgow Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Carmunnock, Carmyle, Castlemilk, Drumchapel, Glasgow, Govan, Maryhill, Nitshill, Partick, Pollokshaws, Shettleston, Springburn, Tollcross, Yoker