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Baitstation, Upper Yard Newbarn Farm Sun Hill, Newport, PO30 4JA
Tel. 07521 281394

East Cowes Tackle, 24 Meadow Rd, East Cowes, PO32 6HU
Tel. 01983 241041

Fishing Tackle Shops Isle of Wight

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Covering the following areas in Isle of Wight: Aldeburgh, Brandon, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Eye, Felixstowe, Halesworth, Harleston, Ipswich, Leiston, Saxmundham, Southwold, Stowmarket, Thetford, Woodbridge

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Isle of Wight

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You will find short extracts from Amazing Fishing Stories on each of our directory pages. There is a link to buy the book on our book page.

Short Extract

He suddenly saw his chance and, while Herr Schmidt looked ashore, firmly clutching the gunwales with both arms outstretched, Patrick reached his hand into the peat bag and out over the side went the first eel.
Herr Schmidt was blissfully unaware of these proceedings and was humming to himself, his gaze firmly fixed out ahead, no doubt thinking of the welcome he would receive from his loved one, who obviously shared his passion for eating eels. So Patrick took this heaven-sent opportunity and, quick as lightning, he flipped the second eel over the gunwale.

‘I’m sure it’s your fish,’ he said. ‘There’s a definite indentation on top of its skull with a smaller one just behind it, and that scar on its flank kind of looked familiar from the television. It certainly looks to me as though some idiot tried to kill it when it was younger!’
PART SIX Research and Reminiscences
Runs of salmon and sea trout are nowhere near as strong on English rivers today as they were in years gone by. One man has some remarkable stories to support this observation.
ohn Slader grew up with fishin

‘Now, Murdo, whatever else you do for me this week, make sure that you put my fish on the 5 o’clock train each evening. D’you understand?’ ‘Whatever you say, Major Jackson.’
‘Your job is to box them up, ice them down for the journey and then get them on that ruddy train. Clear?’
‘Clear as day, Major Jackson. Can I suggest the Munro killer this morning?’
‘I always fish a blue charm! There’s my box; I’ve every size we’ll need, on singles and trebles, so make sure you look after them. Now, where do I start on this pool?’
‘Just follow me, Major Jackson.’

Full List of areas covered on our Isle of Wight Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Alverstone, Apse Heath, Arreton, Bembridge, Bierley, Binstead, Blackgang, Blackwater, Bonchurch, Bowcombe, Brading, Branstone, Brighstone, Brook, Calbourne, Carisbrooke, Chale, Chale Green, Chillerton, Cowes, Cranmore, Downend, East Ashey, East Cowes, Easton, Fishbourne, Freshwater, Gatcombe, Godshill, Gunville, Gurnard, Hamstead, Havenstreet, Haylands, Hillway, Hunny Hill, Kingston, Limerstone, Little Atherfield, Luccombe Village, Merstone, Moortown, Mottistone, Nettlestone, Newbridge, Newchurch, Newport, Newtown, Ningwood, Niton, Northwood, Norton, Norton Green, Osborne, Parkhurst, Porchfield, Pyle, Quarr Hill, Rookley, Roud, Ryde, Sandford, Sandown, Seaview, Shalcombe, Shalfleet, Shanklin, Shorwell, St Helens, St Lawrence, Staplers, Thorley Street, Totland, Ventnor, Wellow, Whippingham, Whiteley Bank, Whitwell, Wootton Bridge, Wootton Common, Wroxall, Yafford, Yarmouth, Yaverland