Fishing Tackle Shops in Newport

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Garry Evans Fishing Tackle Centres, 29 Redland St, Newport, NP20 5LZ
Tel. 01633 855086

Pontymister Angling, 27 Commercial St, Newport, NP11 6AW
Tel. 01633 615723

Fishing Tackle Shops Newport

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Covering the following areas in Newport: Abergavenny, Abertillery, Blackwood, Caldicot, Chepstow, Crickhowell, Cwmbran, Ebbw Vale, Monmouth, New Tredegar, Newport, Pontypool, Tredegar

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Newport

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Short Extract

After breakfast, he went back down to the river to make sure that everything was still all right and that the boats had not been tampered with or, worse still, vandalised. He rowed out to the first stake boat, where all was well, then moved to the second. Nothing was wrong with the boat and the vandals had stayed mercifully clear, but lying in the bottom, on the deck boards, was a magnificent 10-pound salmon, stone dead but still with enough of a silver sheen to show that it had not been in the river long from the sea. The fish had obviously tried to jump the we

‘Yes, I just bet you will!’
So a short spinning rod, fixed-spool reel, wire traces and large spoons with single hooks were included on the equipment list.
They met their guide, Thomas, at Chirundu. ‘What is a hippo?’ he asked rhetorically, as he started his ritual safety talk about the river and its wildlife. ‘A hippo is 3000 kilos or 6500 pounds of pure muscle, all controlled by a brain the size of a ping-pong ball! It sees a boat as competition to chase off; or more likely with you, to bite in half, because your canoe is just the right colour. But don’t

‘Bloody great whale, I shouldn’t wonder,’ and they dissolved into another fit of laughter.
All except one. He kept a straight face until his friends had quietened down. ‘Actually, I hooked something down here last week that I couldn’t move. Never felt anything like it before in my life.’
‘Rubbish, of course you didn’t. You just hooked the pier again, like you’re always doing.’
‘It moved,’ the straight-faced one said. ‘If it was the pier, it was bloody well travelling at the time.’
‘Too much beer the night before, if you ask me,’ said another, and the

Full List of areas covered on our Newport Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Bassaleg, Bettws, Bishton, Blacktown, Broadstreet Common, Caerleon, Castleton, Christchurch, Coedkernew, Goldcliff, Kemeys Inferior, Liswerry, Llanbeder, Llanmartin, Llanvaches, Llanwern, Lower Machen, Maes-glas, Malpas, Marshfield, Michaelston-y-Fedw, Milton, Nash, Newport, Penhow, Pentre-Poeth, Peterstone Wentlooge, Pye Corner, Redwick, Rhiwderin, Rogerstone, St Brides Wentlooge, Summerleaze, Underwood, Whitson, Wilcrick