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Fatty’s Baits & Fishing Tackle, 64-66 Griffiths Drive, Wolverhampton, WV11 2JW
Tel. 01902 725311

Fishing Tackle Shops Wolverhampton

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Covering the following areas in Wolverhampton: Castlebay, Harris, Isle Of Benbecula, Isle Of Lewis, Isle Of Scalpay, Leverburgh, Lochboisdale, Lochmaddy, Stornoway

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Wolverhampton

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You will find short extracts from Amazing Fishing Stories on each of our directory pages. There is a link to buy the book on our book page.

Short Extract

‘Well, I suppose it is, especially if you’re a roach or bream or something. I think it’s evolved more to be an efficient hunter than to look nice to us humans.’
She nodded. ‘I suppose so. Look, I hope you’re not offended, but I don’t really fancy cooking that. I mean, the recipe sounded lovely, but it didn’t mention those teeth or the eyes staring back at me. Do you mind if I don’t take it?’
‘Er… I could cut the head off and even fillet it, if you thought that would help?’
‘I don’t think it would. I’ve already seen those eye

‘Put your hand underneath the reel to stop it!’
Greg cupped his hand under the revolving drum, gradually increasing pressure until the fish slowed down. He was then able to regain some line, until the fish changed direction and darted to the right, the line cutting through a lily-bed; several large green leaves were severed from their stems and floated free.
Somehow or other Greg managed to hang on to the fish, letting it run away when it wanted but always managing to stop it before it reached the dense lilies in the middle of the lake. Slowly, over the ne

The conger kept shaking its head and body like a snake, trying to move backwards across the surface away from the boat. Another few minutes of brute force wrestling went by until Barry eventually brought the conger close enough for the skipper to reach. The gaff was plunged in behind the eel’s head and it was hauled, writhing and viciously shaking its head, over the gunwale and onto the deck.
A farcical dance then took place. The conger, still attached to Barry’s line, proceeded to chase the anglers round the boat, while the skipper dived into the wheelhouse

Full List of areas covered on our Wolverhampton Fishing Tackle Shops Directory:

Ackleton , Albrighton, Albrighton , Aston , Badger , Billbrook , Blakenhall , Boningale , Boningdale , Bradmore , Brewood Road , Brinsford , Broughton , Bulwardine , Burnhill Green , Bushbury , Calf Heath , Castlecroft , Claverley , Codsall , Codsall Wood , Compton , Cosford , Coven , Coven Heath , Cross Green , Danford , Dimmingsdale , Draycott , Essington , Ettingshall , Ettingshall Park , Fallings Park , Farmcote , Featherstone , Finchfield , Fordhouses , Four Ashes , Four Ashes Industrial Estate , Gatacre , Goldthorn Park , Great Moor , Great Saredon , Heath Town , Heathton , Hill End , Hopstone , Kingswood , Lane Green , Lanesfield , Little Saredon , Lower Beobridge , Lower Green , Lower Penn , Ludstone , Merry Hill , Monmore Green , Moseley Village , New Invention , Newbridge , Nurton , Oaken , Oxley , Park Village , Parkfields , Patshull Park , Pattingham , Pendeford , Penn , Penn Fields , Perton , Powke Hall , Rudge Heath , Sandford , Seisdon , Shackerley , Shareshill , Shipley , Slade Heath , Standeford , Stow Heath , Tettenhall , Tettenhall Wood , The Bratch , Trescott , Trysull , Upper Aston , Upper Ludstone , Wednesfield , Wergs , Westcroft , Wombourne , Wood Hayes , Wrottesley Park