Fishing Tackle Shops in Bath

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Fishing Tackle Warehouse, Unit 1, Warne Park, Warne Rd, Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 3TP
Tel. 01934 782407

Scott Tackle, 42 Soundwell Rd, Bristol, BS16 4QP
Tel. 0117 956 7371

Fishing Tackle Shops Bath

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Covering the following areas in Bath: Ardrossan, Ayr, Beith, Cumnock, Dalry, Darvel, Galston, Girvan, Irvine, Kilbirnie, Kilmarnock, Kilwinning, Largs, Mauchline, Maybole, Newmilns, Prestwick, Saltcoats, Skelmorlie, Stevenston, Troon, West Kilbride

Fishing Tackle Shops in  Bath

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Short Extract

Victor’s heart was threatening to smash through his shirt by now, and he had an unbelievable adrenalin rush through his belly with the shock of that initial run. He knew this was something out of the ordinary, because he had never seen a trout behave like this on Lake Vyrnwy; it was a hugely different feeling.
A ridiculously long time seemed to pass before the fish slowed down, but it finally stopped and enabled Victor frantically to wind the little brass reel to retrieve some line. The trout came in quite easily to start with and Victor thought he had it bea

‘Ja, my boat partner, he is not well and stays in his bed, so we go fishing.’
‘Hand me your tackle, Sir. It looks like you’ve enough there to open your own shop!
The kit was stowed in the bottom of the boat. Patrick thought it slightly peculiar that Herr Schmidt had brought a large tackle box with him and quite so many rods, and even more so that none of them was made up. Anglers normally came out ready to start fishing immediately, but not Herr Schmidt on this occasion. He didn’t even start to tackle up as the fishing boat was cast off. Patrick opened up

‘Can you grab its tail?’ Steve asked, deciding that was the best place for the boatman, it being furthest away from the teeth end. ‘No way I’m touching any part of that fish!’
‘You’ve got to help somehow. I can’t handle a 6-foot shark on my own!’
The boatman merely shook his head and tried to move even further away.
Steve’s brain went into overdrive. ‘Okay. Look, you take the rod and leave the rest to me.’
The boatman didn’t look too happy about this plan either, but it must have seemed the least dangerous option for him, so h

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Bath, Bath-easton, Bathford, Charlcombe, Kelston, Langridge, Lansdown, North Stoke, Northend, St Catherine, Swainswick, Weston, Woolley