Avanti Poles


  • Avanti Competition K7 16 Meter
  • Avanti Dri Zone Pole Holdalls
  • Avanti Dri Zone Pole Holdalls
  • Avanti Flexi-Pots Large
  • Avanti Flexi-Pots Medium
  • Avanti Knee Pole Support
  • Avanti Marco Cortesi Barbless Ready Rigs
  • Avanti Match Top Kit
  • Avanti Pole Rollercoaster
  • Avanti Power Top Kit
  • Avanti Pro V Roller

Avanti Pole Review by Simon Grace

Initial inspection of the kit was very impressive.  There is a lot of kit for your money BUT nothing comes pre-prepared.

As there are NO reviews on the Avanti RSX1000 16m pole, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and made a quick YouTube clip.

Summary wise, this is a GOOD pole…in fact it’s a GREAT pole and don’t let the tackle tarts tell you otherwise.  Yes, at 14.5+m you will be reliant on rollers! At 11-12m I was able to hold the pole myself unaided which felt really balanced and responsive.  The sections all come off cleanly and as a totally new pole fisherman, my learning curve lasted about an hour and from that point I really started to enjoy the feel of the pole as it caught and brought in the fish.  If you are on a budget, this is the pole for you.  If you’re not…go mad! Poles can cost in excess of £1000 for a long one but I hear you can get decent 11m ones for the £600-£800.  That’s still too much than I’m willing to pay but I’m a pleasure fisherman and today was VERY pleasurable.

With a pole, you have various top kits but only one rod so you only pay for the one…hence why I’m going again tomorrow!  Bargain!