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Amazing Fishing Stories is a wonderful collection of tales of adventure with rod and line. This eclectic collection includes thrilling battles with monsters of the deep, epic acts of endurance and more poetic pieces on secret spots where legendary fish are said to lurk. Read extracts on our fishing tackle pages and you won’t be able to wait to buy the book, hard copy, audio or Kindle. About Paul

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About Paul Knight

Paul Knight is a hugely experienced fisherman and leading figure among UK anglers, who has traveled to remote parts of the globe to reel in stories with rod and line. He has worked on offshore trawlers as well as fished idyllic salmon streams. His knowledge of fishing equipment is vast as you will see from his tales. Paul has written for a range of fishing magazines for more than 20 years. His wide experience, remarkable network of fishing friends and wonderful writing style make him the perfect author of such a collection of unforgettable tales.

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