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Carlogie Turf, Carlogie Farm, Carnoustie, DD7 6LD
Tel. 01241 463402

Southesk Settlement, Southesk Estate Office, Haughs Of Kinnaird, Brechin, DD9 6UA
Tel. 01674 810240

Fishing Lake Dundee

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Covering the following areas in Dundee: Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Dundee, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Montrose, Newport-On-Tay, Tayport

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Fishing Lake in  Dundee

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Short Extract

When Mark first visited the border area between India and Nepal, the goonch was public enemy number one in the river. Angling was hardly ever practised along its Himalayan reaches, although nets, snares and other unsavoury methods, such as dynamite blasting and poisoning, were common. Fish of all sorts, even entire ecosystems, were commonly persecuted by people from the surrounding towns and villages,
sometimes for food but often just for ‘fun’. The fish were literally blown out of the water, although very few goonch were ever eaten. They either died unseen o

‘Thanks, Carlos, that’s made me feel so much better!’
Steelhead, the migratory form of rainbow trout, is one of the great game species and a must-catch for any globe-travelling fly fisher. The fact that bears inhabit similar country to steelhead, and enjoy eating them, adds an interesting dimension to Alaskan fishing trips.
Peter Hayes and a friend, Nigel Sturgeon, had both been to Alaska’s Kodiak Island before. However, whereas Nigel had caught steelhead, Peter never had, despite catching large numbers of the various species

The weather closed in very quickly and the rain became much harder. He was wearing an oiled jacket, but his trousers were soon soaked. He sat there, shivering, until his worst fear happened: the engine spluttered and died, almost certainly having run out of fuel. The boat swung round, beam on to the waves, and began rolling wildly, so that he couldn’t even try to restart the engine. He dragged himself to the middle seat, put out the oars and managed to turn the boat’s bow into the waves. He didn’t have a hope of rowing against the weather, but he had enough know

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