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Fishing Lake Bradford

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Covering the following areas in Bradford: Cockburnspath, Duns, Earlston, Eyemouth, Gordon, Lauder

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Fishing Lake in  Bradford

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Short Extract

Someone mumbled something about a fish that size on a cluttered boat like Freebooter being an extremely bad idea. Meanwhile, Rick was trying desperately to keep some control over the situation.
Ray came up beside him. ‘Let him run as much as he wants. The only chance you’ve got is to let him knacker himself out completely. You won’t beat him any other way with the gear you’re using.’
No one actually timed the fight, but the general feeling afterwards was that it went on for more than an hour and a half. The shark made countless l

‘Visit the Motor Museum and the abbey,’ suggested Chris.
They spent the morning inspecting cars, then went into the abbey and house in the afternoon. There was a guide in the house talking about the ghosts that were seen around the estate, even sometimes on the river. The Beaulieu was an important trading highway in the old days and the monks would use it to transport some of their agricultural produce, and to bring in wines and spices from the continent. They were still seen on the riverbank apparently, carrying barrels over their shoulder or sacks of corn,

The line stopped and Greg braced himself.
Richard put a hand on his arm. ‘Just a bit longer. Remember what that article said: he’s turning the fish round in his mouth so he can swallow it head first.’
Greg nodded again. His hand was shaking and his face grimaced with tension. ‘Now, you reckon?’
Greg leant back and put everything into the strike. The rod bent in a great arc and then line shot off the reel as the fish headed out towards the middle.
‘Ratchet!’ cried Richard.
Greg flipped the brass knob on the side of the reel to engage the ratchet, w

Full List of areas covered on our Bradford Fishing Lake Directory:

Allerton, Apperley Bridge, Bankfoot, Bierley, Birkenshaw, Bolton, Bolton Woods, Buttershaw, Clayton, Crossflats, Cullingworth, Denholme, Drighlington, Dudley Hill, East Bierley, East Bowling, Eccleshill, Fagley, Fairweather Green, Five Lane Ends, Frizinghall, Girlington, Gomersal, Great Horton, Greengates, Heaton, Holmewood, Horton Bank Top, Idle, Laisterdyke, Lidget Green, Listerhills, Little Germany, Little Horton, Low Moor, Manningham, Oakenshaw, Odsal, Queensbury, Sandy Lane, Thackley, Thornbury, Thornton, Tong, Tyersal, Undercliffe, West Bowling, Wibsey, Wilsden, Wyke