Learn to Dance Rumba

Learn to Dance Rumba

The Rumba, widely considered the most romantic and sensual of the Latin dances, has a magnetic interplay between its partners. Sometimes called the Grandfather of the Latin dances, the Rumba made its way from Cuba to the United States in the early 1920’s. Rumba music is in 4/4 time and there are four beats in each measure. Two measures of music are required for a full basic step. In four beats of music, three steps are taken. Essential to Rumba is the Cuban motion achieved through knee-straightening, figure-eight hip rolls and swiveling action of the feet. Strong and direct walks lead by the ball of the foot are also characteristic of the Rumba.

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This is an excellent website devoted to dancing with some excellent information for beginners who want to learn to dance. Basic membership is FREE, and it enables you to view more dances and videos. Members can also post classified ads and post messages to the message boards.

Latin Dance: Latin dance involves two partners and resembles a ballroom dance. It originated in Latin America. The social Latin dance in International dance includes the rumba, samba etc. The history of Latin dance dates back to the fifteenth century when indigenous dances were first recorded by Europeans. Their dance form is deeply rooted in history and is a must watch entertainer.

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