Sea Fishing

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What is it called when you go fishing in the ocean?
Saltwater Fishing – fishing in salt waters (oceans). Also called “tidal waters fishing”.

Targeting a species and learning all the methods and situations that can increase your catch rate can be a very important factor in increasing you catch rate when sea fishing. There are a vast number of different species, such as Pollock, fish that can be found in many different locations and can be fished for using many different methods. Where to fish for many species include;

  • Rock and reef marks are very popular locations for fish.
  • Both inshore and off shore wrecks will produce various fish pollock to a good size.
  • Piers  will produce fish all year around but. generally these fish are not of a great size.
  • Weed beds and deep kelp  hide a lot of predators and prey.
  • Broken ground can hold all sorts of species including the pollock. Some fishing techniques
  • Lure fishing. Deep sea wreck fishing often requires heavy weights to take a jelly worm or metal lure to the sea bed.
  • Saltwater fly is effective when fish are in shallow water and fish can be of all sizes and at a whole range of locations including piers, reefs and weed beds.  Flies that mimic small fish and prawns work well, sea trout flies and saltwater flies are popular.
  • Float fishing can be used almost anywhere in shallower water.Common baits are sand eel and fillets of fish bait.
  • Ledgering can work well using the normal  baits fish.
  • Live baits work well for many fish usually resulting in a strong take and suitable equipment needs to be used.

Common  Catches when Sea Fishing

The sky’s the limit, or in the case of sea fishing, the sea’s the limit. Even fishing inshore waters, anglers can catch everything from tarpon to flounder. Anglers fishing the northeast coast can expect flounder and cod to congregate in bays and river mouths. Striped bass and bluefish fall for lures from surf-casters, as will weakfish and sea trout.

Farther south, red drum (redfish), tarpon, and bonefish excite anglers as they cruise the shallow flats of bays. These fish can be taken on traditional gear or fly-fishing tackle, nothing special needed for sea fishing. Snook fight like the saltwater version of the large-mouth bass, and sharks cruise off many coasts. With sea fishing, you don’t really know what you’re going to catch next, which is part of its great allure.

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