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Fishing Lake Isle of Man

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Covering the following areas in Isle of Man: Aldeburgh, Brandon, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Eye, Felixstowe, Halesworth, Harleston, Ipswich, Leiston, Saxmundham, Southwold, Stowmarket, Thetford, Woodbridge

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Fishing Lake in  Isle of Man

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Short Extract

UK. Working in a tackle dealer’s shop in the city centre, and a well-known angler around Wiltshire and Hampshire coarse and trout fisheries, he reached his half-century as a highly popular, jovial soul who knew as much as most about modern fishing tackle and tactics. He had caught many notable fish, including a rainbow trout a shade under 20 pounds from a local lake. He also did some sea fishing, but he never set foot on a boat. Just looking at one moored up alongside a harbour pontoon was enough to make him feel violently seasick, and so he very definitely stay

‘No point, they’ll only be small fish.’
‘They look like decent rises to me. It must be worth a cast?’
It was obvious that David wasn’t enthusiastic, but he set the boat to drift down along the island’s shoreline. There wasn’t enough wind to dap, so they fished teams of traditional flies and, soon after starting, Veronica hooked a big sea trout. The fight went on for a good 10 minutes but, just as the boat drifted level with the southern tip of the island, the fish jumped and threw the hook.
‘Damn! That would have been my best ever!’ Veronica stated vehe

However, his record stood for a further 20 years, when it was beaten by just a few pounds. And then, in 1979, a colossal fish was taken off the coast of Nova Scotia that weighed a smidgeon under 1500 pounds. That would have seemed an impossible dream to Jack Ross back in 1911, but he and Duncan Hodgson would surely be proud that their pioneering legacy lives on. Now the challenge for the future is to ensure that unsustainable commercial pressure on the fantastic blue-fin tuna does not condemn the species merely to distant memories and record books.
Playing an

Full List of areas covered on our Isle of Man Fishing Lake Directory:

Andreas, Baldrine, Baldwin, Ballabeg, Ballacannell, Ballacarnane Beg, Balladoole, Ballafesson, Ballagyr, Ballajora, Ballakilpheric, Ballamodha, Ballasalla, Ballaugh, Ballaveare, Ballig, Barregarrow, Braaid, Bradda, Bride, Castletown, Churchtown, Close Clark, Colby, Corrany, Cranstal, Crawyn, Cregneish, Croit e Caley, Cronk-y-Voddy, Crosby, Dalby, Derbyhaven, Dhoon, Dhoor, Dhowin, Douglas, Dreemskerry, Eairy, Foxdale, Garth, Glen Auldyn, Glen Vine, Glenmaye, Glentruan, Grenaby, Hillberry, Injebreck, Jurby East, Jurby West, Kirk Michael, Knockaloe Moar, Knocksharry, Lambfell Moar, Laxey, Lingague, Little London, Maughold, Newtown, Onchan, Orrisdale, Patrick, Peel, Port e Vullen, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Quine’s Hill, Ramsey, Ravensdale, Regaby, Ronague, Sandygate, Sartfield, Shoughlaige-e-Caine, Smeale, St John’s, St Judes, St Mark’s, Strang, Stuggadhoo, Sulby, The Cronk, The Howe, The Lhen, Union Mills