Dancing Lessons Burton-on-Trent

Dancing Lessons Burton-on-Trent
Dancing Lessons at Netherseal

Note from web designer:

I am listing the only place in Burton itself that I know you can get dancing lessons for those on the ‘wrong’ of Burton (see below).  Personally I prefer to go to Kevin for  dancing lessons.

Roy and Dorothy Moxon’s dancing lessons are pretty much the same you will find all over the UK, traditional old school teaching but I’m afraid I found them jam packed and boring.  We went to Burton-on-Trent and had 2 private lessons and were encouraged to join the beginners dancing lessons when they started.  I lasted less than half the lesson –  I just knew I would never learn to dance in that atmosphere.

The private dance lessons weren’t so bad.  We had Jenny as our dance instructor.  She was very nice and obviously a very competent dancer but compared dancing lessons with Kevin and Michelle they weren’t much fun.  We learn far more in the hours group lesson with Kevin and Michelle, the time flies by, it’s such fun.  I feel we are learning more than now than we would have in private dancing lessons at Burton.

So if you are on our side of Burton-on-Trent, then come to Kevin’s Dancing Lessons at Woodville.  You will have a fantastic time and you’ll find dancing lessons such fun you’ll wish you’d started years ago.