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1-1 Swimming Lessons Brad Campbell, 100 Shankill Rd, Belfast, BT13 2BD
Tel. 07763 353229

Belfast Swimming Teacher (Julia Wilson), 120 York Rd, Belfast, BT15 3HF, County Antrim
Tel. 07963 336214

Peter Hill Swimming Lessons, 42 Belmont Church Rd, Belfast, BT4 3FF, County Antrim
Tel. 07708 544044

JEM Swim School, Methodist College, 1, Malone Rd, Belfast, BT9 6BY
Tel. 07515 286109

Swimtime N.Ireland, with L A Fitness, 123, Milltown Rd, Belfast, BT8 7XP, County Antrim
Tel. 028 2764 9339

Swimtime N.Ireland, within L A Fitness 22, Adelaide St, Belfast, BT2 8GD, County Antrim
Tel. 028 2764 9339

Tel. 02890 683333

Baby Swimming Classes: If you give baby swimming classes in Belfast please contact us for your free listing here. If you were searching for a private lessons in Belfast or any of the following areas, please let us know who you go to if they aren’t listed. We had a malicious hack recently and lost all our data so we would be very grateful for your help in replacing it.

Covering the following areas in Belfast: Ampthill, Arlesey, Barton-le-Clay, Bedford, Biddenham, Biggleswade, Cardington, Colmworth, Dunstable, Eaton Bray, Flitwick, Haynes, Henlow, Luton, Northill, Oakley, Ridgmont, Riseley, Shefford, Silsoe, Toddington, Turvey, Whipsnade

Baby Swimming Classes  Belfast

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Baby Swimming Classes Belfast

Not finding what you need? Then please contact us to enquire about residential swimming lessons. Prices for our residential swimming courses can be found on our prices page. For your residential swimming lessons, you will be staying in the house next door to Irene’s private swimming pool. Facilities include kitchen, shower/bathroom, 1 double bedroom with clean bedding, lounge, tv/dvd/freeview, micro-wave, kettle, toaster, fridge and central heating. Baby swimming classes usually start at around 6 months although many recommend not till 12 months. Babies can be taken swimming immediately after giving birth! The NHS advises that babies can be taken swimming at any age but under 6 months, a large public pool is too cold for a baby.

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Do Babies Know How to Swim?

Newborn babies instinctively know not to breathe while their heads are submerged in water,” says Certified Nurse-Midwife Charlene Taylor, who has assisted in more than 50 water births near her Boston, Mass. home. “From what I’ve seen, it seems as if they know how to swim instinctively. Many of them open their eyes and move their limbs and propel themselves forward in the tubs.

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Andersonstown, Ballylesson, Belfast, Carryduff, Drumbeg, Dundonald, Dunmurry, Finaghy, Hannahstown, Newtownbreda, Sydenham