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Web Design Tenerife

Visit Home and Learn – Free Computer Tutorials for a really great place to learn about web design.  You should take things slowly when studying any new design course. It’s important not to try and learn too much at once. Take your time as you learn about web design and don’t be put off if at first you don’t grasp the lessons. Go back to the lesson later and it probably come easier.

Their online free tutorials cover:

A first Web Page

  • Anatomy of a Web Page
  • The Five Minute Web Page
  • The HTML Skeleton
  • Adding Colours to Web Pages




Glossary: HTML
HTML is a set of tags that are used to define the content layout and the formatting of the web document. Web browsers use the HTML tags to define how to display the text. Learn about HTML Images and the Web

  • Inserting images into a web page
  • Image Types
  • Design a Web Page with an Image
  • Image Alignment
  • Image Tag Reference

Glossary: Image optimisation
The preparation of site images for placement on web pages which can involve quality enhancement as well as resizing file size reduction and file format changes to minimise loading time. HTML Text Formatting

  • Text Colour Headings Centre
  • Bold Italics Sub and Superscript
  • The Font Tag
  • HTML Bullets and Lists
  • Horizontal Rules
  • Extra HTML Formatting Tags

Glossary: HTML Text Formatting
With HTML you can control the appearance of words and phrases or even individual letters.  The tags in the text tell the browser how to display it. Adding links with HTML

  • What is a Hyperlink?
  • Anchors
  • Target and Bookmark Links
  • Email Links
  • Navigational Icons as Links
  • HTML Image Maps
  • Links to Other File Types

Glossary: Hyperlink A pointer to another document. Most often a pointer to another web page. A hyperlink is a synonym for a hotlink or a link and sometimes called a hypertext connection to another document or web page. HTML Tables

  • Data Presentation
  • Creating a HTML Table
  • Rowspan and Colspan
  • Aligning Contents in a Cell
  • Tables and Cell Colours
  • Using Images in Tables
  • Nested Tables

Glossary: HTML Tables
Tables are defined with the <table> tag. A table is divided into rows and each row is divided into data cells.  A data cell can contain text images lists paragraphs forms horizontal rules tables etc. HTML Forms

  • Introduction to HTML Forms
  • Textboxes and Textareas
  • Option Buttons Chexboxes Submit Reset
  • Aligning Form Elements
  • HTML List Boxes
  • Passwords Buttons Image Buttons Hidden Elements

Glossary: HTML Form
A form that passes user input back to the server. Learn about HTML Forms

HTML Frames

  • Setting up the Frame Document
  • Frame Targeting
  • Creating a Frame Document

Glossary: HTML Frame
In web terms: A part of the browser screen displaying a particular content. Frames are often used to display content from different web pages.