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To print any Snake from our Snakes colouring page

Click the Snake to open up a new colouring page with a single Snake picture

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Snakes Colouring Page

Snakes Colouring Page

Snakes Colouring Page

Snakes Colouring Page


A snake is a scaly legless reptile. Another word for snake is serpent but today this usually refers to a mythical or symbolic snake.

Are snakes suitable pets for children?

Keeping snakes has encouraged some children to read and learn and make friends when asking pet store owners and other snake keepers for advice.

Snakes require only a  small amount of time each week so they can be easily managed around school and homework but you can bet that Mom wont be too quick to take on looking after the snake when the kids are lax.  Snakes are also a great way to teach a child responsibility <grin>.

They are generally safe for children to handle and once set up are easy to keep and will live much longer than a hamster or gerbil – 10 years or more .

A snake can be a very positive thing for a child.

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