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Learning Music Theory

From: Music Theory . com

I don’t know the answers to the questions! How do I learn this?
If you  have a teacher or professor to teach you what you need to know, that’s great. If you’re on your own (or if you just want some extra music tips), there are still a lot of very good websites that will help you learn what you need to know, for free.

Coming soon – a list of good non-free music theory resources online

  • How to read sheet music – good basic tutorial
  • Intro to reading music – also see other resources
  • Standard music notation – reading music, especially for guitarists
  • For students starting out in band and orchestra
  • Music Theory Online – in-depth theory reference
  • Interactive lessons and trainers
  • Interactive exercises, references
  • Interactive ear trainer
  • Fundamentals of Piano Practice, piano lessons and teaching material
  • Basic Music Theory textbook – free downloadable book
  • Gary Ewer’s Easy Music Theory (free lessons at bottom of page)
  • Music theory lessons and other resources especially for jazz guitarists

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