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Medical Learning

Medical Terminology Simplified

A Programmed Learning Approach By Body Systems

I’m a pharmacy student. This book is a required text for one of my classes. I have a strong background in anatomical and medical terminology. This book is very good for somebody who is completely new to medical terminology. Even though the book itself does not help you very much the quizzes that come with accompanying CD are excellent. While you do the quizzes you can check some words at the dictionary which is an integral part of the program. By doing the quizzes for each chapter a few times you can learn medical terminology.

This book makes learning medical terminology very easy. At first I was sceptical of the “programmed learning” approach – it seemed much too repetitive and grade school-ish. However I found that as I finished each chapter in the workbook I retained the majority of the information. I definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn the basics of medical terminology without putting forth a great deal of effort. I found the workbook to be fun and the CD which includes sample quizzes and learning activities was extremely helpful.


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