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If you are looking for online Spanish lessons then please go to  Basic Spanish Words.  You will also find a few key phrases at Learn Spanish Online.  If your are looking for resources for Spanish lessons then your will find these at free Spanish lessons  or Spanish lessons.


If you actually want Spanish lessons in a variety of regions in Spain then please go to learn Spanish in Spain.


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Speaking Spanish - Learn Online

Basic Spanish Words

Free Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish Online

Learn Spanish in Spain

Spanish  Holidays

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Learn Spanish

Learn to Scuba Dive in Gran Canaria 


Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with a free online tutorial with audio cultural notes grammar vocabulary verbs drills and links to helpful sites.

BBC – Languages – Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish with the BBC. Start up with a  beginners’ courses or brush up with an intermediate audio magazine.

Learn Spanish

A list of activities to help you learn Spanish and a reference section for students.


Learn Spanish

Free tutorial with audio cultural notes vocabulary verbs drills and links to helpful sites.


Learn Spanish Linguaphone Self Study Spanish Course

Learn Spanish fast with a Linguaphone Spanish course on cassette tape VHS video CD CD-ROM or online.  Great choice of learn Spanish options.


Musical Spanish – learn Spanish through music

Learn Spanish through popular songs like la bamba and guantanamera. Spanish music and lyrics language learning audio CD and software mp3 downloads.

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Holidays in Spain at DGC Travel Services. 

Tips for Learning

Time management is the key to getting more out of your time. Logging your activities for a week will show you how much spare time you actually have and don’t use wisely. So schedule your week in advance including allocating time for socialising, free time etc. Also reward yourself by having an hour off after doing a couple of hours work.

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Learn Spanish

Advice on How to Learn Learn Effectively

Encourage new students to mix with & communicate with other students from other countries because you can learn from them. They can help you learn the more difficult subjects as they often have more previous experience of studying them. They can also help you more about other cultures.

Learn Spanish

Ideas for improving your study techniqe

Let’s face it, without a solid foundation there is no way you can expect to build new skills and form new habits. My first tip therefore is to adopt a productivity system.  You need to develop the habit of consistent and effective note-taking, you need to have a clean, uncluttered desk to study at, you need a system for storing reference material and tracking your (learning) projects. I strongly suggest following this important tip, because it will make everything else (including learning) more efficient and effective. Speaking from my own experience: GTD by David Allen has provided this much needed foundation in my life.

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Learn Spanish

Learning Spanish

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