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Before you start to learn Spanish online, you should understand that you need to Learn the Spanish sounds  Pronunciation – Learn Spanish Sounds Online

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English Spanish Pronunciation Yes Si SEE No No NOH Please Por favor Pore fah-VORE Thank you Gracias GRAH-see-ahs You’re Welcome De nada De-NAW-da No, thank you No, gracias No GRAH-see-ahs Sorry Lo siento Loh see-EHN-toh Good morning Buenos dias BWEHnos DHEE ahs Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEHnahs TAHRdh ehs Good evening Buenas noches BWEHnahs NO chehs Good bye Adios Ah dhee OHS Hello/Hi Hola OH lah See you later Hasta luego AH-stah LWEH-go What is your name? Como se llama? KOH-moh say YAHmah My name is… Mi nombre es Mee NOMBreh ehs How are you? Como esta usted KOH-mo ehs-TAH OOS-THE-dh Fine, thank you. Muy bien, gracias MOOay bee en GRAH see ahs Do you speak English? Habla ingles? AH-bla een-GLASE I’m Canadian. Soy Canadiense. Soy kah nah dheeEHN sehs I’m American. Soy norteamericano Soy nohr the ah meh ree KAH noh I don’t understand. No comprendo. Noh kohm-PREHN-dho Please speak slowly. Hable despacio por favor. HAHbleh dhehs-PAH-see-oh, pohr fahBOHR



Learn Spanish Sounds Online

Sounds of Spanish

Spanish pronunciation obeys clear phonetic rules, although people do speak with accents, depending on their region and background.


Each of the five vowels has its own sound:

a as in hat

e as in pet

i as in feet

o as in clock

u as in drew

c‘s and z‘s

The Castilian lisp, that sounds like the English ‘th‘ in thick, is applied to ce, ci and z. Latin American and southern Spanish speakers, though, pronounce these sounds as an ‘s’.

When c is followed by the other vowels it’s always a hard ‘k’ sound.

j‘s and g‘s

J  is a harder, stronger version of the English ‘h’.

G, when followed by e and i, sounds exactly the same as j. Otherwise, it is pronounced as the English ‘g’ in go.


The double ll – in most parts of Spain it’s like the ‘lli’ in the batallion.



Learn Spanish Online


Great games to help you learn online.  Aimed at kids but good for adults too.



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Tips for Learning

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Learn Spanish Online

Advice on How to Learn Learn Effectively

Encourage new students to mix with & communicate with other students from other countries because you can learn from them. They can help you learn the more difficult subjects as they often have more previous experience of studying them. They can also help you more about other cultures.

Learn Spanish Online

Ideas for improving your study techniqe

Let’s face it, without a solid foundation there is no way you can expect to build new skills and form new habits. My first tip therefore is to adopt a productivity system.  You need to develop the habit of consistent and effective note-taking, you need to have a clean, uncluttered desk to study at, you need a system for storing reference material and tracking your (learning) projects. I strongly suggest following this important tip, because it will make everything else (including learning) more efficient and effective. Speaking from my own experience: GTD by David Allen has provided this much needed foundation in my life.

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Learn Spanish Online

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