Contemporary Sculptors

There are many galleries and museums in London exhibiting contemporary sculpture. Here are just three of the most renowned sculptors currently exhibiting in London:

Michael Talbot

This Staffordshire born and bred Sculptor fell in love with creating pottery at a young age, whilst attending art school. Fascinated by the beauty of the human form, his main passion became life drawing, leading to the study of a BA Hons in Sculpture. Michael followed this with a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools in London in 1980, to complete his post graduate study. In 1983 he was awarded the Landseer prize.  Elected a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1997, Michael has gone on to exhibit worldwide.

His sculptures are hand crafted from clay, then cast into bronze and finally finished by hand and a patina applied. Famous for their graceful fluidity and movement, his work is currently exhibited at many galleries worldwide including several in West London and at a branch of the Natwest Bank in central London.

Rachel Talbot

It’s hard not to fall in love at first sight with Rachel Talbot’s enchanting sculptures. Born and raised in Derbyshire,  Rachel is an extremely talented and respected sculptor, who brings her love of reading and literature to her work. From Charles Dickens to Beatrice Potter and the eerie fairytales of the Brothers Grimm, her work is at times dark and mysterious, but always filled with a sense of childlike wonder and fascination. Rachel once said, “…like Peter Pan, I strive never to grow up…”, and her work is a direct reflection of her sense of humour and her perception of human gestures and movements.

Rachel works in bronze, with hand applied patination giving her pieces an almost otherworldly depth.  Pieces such as the macabre ‘masquerade’ fill us with a sense of childhood fear, whilst ‘His Lordship’, part of ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ collection are almost humorous, depicting a fox dressed in full human attire.

Carl Longworth

Carl Longworth is a sculptor fascinated by the world of wildlife. Creating his magnificent pieces from wax or clay, he then casts them in bronze, with painstakingly hand applied patination bringing them to life.

This young British sculptor takes a modern approach to a traditional subject, creating works that are contemporary and beautiful. Exhibiting in galleries across the world including the Bath Gallery and the Priory Gallery in Broadway, he is one of the most sought after young sculptors of his generation.

Works such as ‘Barn Owl’, a limited edition bronze, and the cheeky yet diminutive ‘Mouse’ at just 10cm high are stunning examples of the artist’s attention to the expression and posture of his natural history subjects.